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Electra Lodge No. 1067


Chartered in 1912 by the Grand Lodge of Texas. It is named for its location and is the only Daylight Lodge in the 88th District.

Located at 217 E. Front Street in Electra, Texas, the Lodge meets on the Second Saturday of each month at 12 Noon. Lunch is served at 11:30.



This stone was removed from the original building.

2013 ~ 2014 LODGE OFFICERS
Worshipful Master Gene Gowen
Senior Warden Mike Minderman
Junior Warden David Hanks
Treasurer Rollo Duren
Secretary John Yates
Chaplain Rodney Melton
Senior Deacon Carlos Byars
Junior Deacon Raymond Sefick
Senior Steward .
Junior Steward .
Tiler Kurt Adams