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Megargel Lodge No. 1038

Chartered in 1910 by the Grand Lodge of Texas. It was named for the city in which it was located. It was two stories and had an elevator.

Lodge was located at 916 Cedar Street in downtown Megargel, Texas, it now meets at the York Rite Asylum in the Faith Lodge Building, 3503 Kemp Blvd in Wichita Falls.

In September of 2016, Megargel Lodge merged with Faith Lodge #1158, Wichita Falls, Texas.


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2016 ~ 2017 LODGE OFFICERS
Worshipful Master Gary Pearce
Senior Warden J.C. Goodin
Junior Warden Weldon Moore
Treasurer Gordon Bird
Secretary Tom Cole
Senior Deacon Stephen Reeves
Junior Deacon Charles W. Reeves
Senior Steward Joe Keesee
Marshal Charles Reeves
Chaplain Gary Goodin
Tiler Tommy Keesee


Front Row: Gordon Bird, Gary Pearce, Tom Cole, Weldon Moore, Joe Keesee, Charles Reeves

Back Row: Tommy Keesee, Gary Goodin, Charles W. Reeves, Stephen Reeves, J.C. Goodin